Tables are limited to 6 guests. If you have more than 6 guests please contact us.

(Weekly specials also available)

Charred Focaccia, roasted garlic butter, rosemary $15
Puffed bread, extra virgin olive oil $15

Zucchini blossom, handmade ricotta, lemon, pecorino $9 each
Ortiz Anchovy toast, smoked butter, chives $10 each
Marinated mixed Australian olives $11
White anchovies, olive oil, Champagne vinegar $13
Cherry tomatoes, vincotto, oregano, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt $15
Wood fired capsicums, sherry vinegar, thyme $15
Cantabrian anchovies, olive oil, fermented chilli, chives $15
Salumi Australia Piccante salami, free range spicy port salami (100g) $15
Salumi Australia Salami classico, classico style free range salami (100g) $15
Piccola Leaf salad, soft herbs Barolo wine dressing $15
Byron Bay handmade Burrata, basil oil & leaves $19
Prosciutto San Daniele, 24 month aged (100g) $19

Fresh Pasta
Mafalde, Dorrigo lamb shoulder, rosemary, pangratatto $36
Paccheri alla vodka, Stracciatella di bufala $30
Conchiglie, Yamba prawns, chilli, white wine, lemon, butter $42
Fusilli, spicy Bungalow pork, veal & nduja ragu, sage $33
Gluten free pasta + $4

460g dry aged Black Angus beef ribeye, Lirah vinegar butter, green peppercorn & thyme sauce $68

Kipfler potatoes, garlic & rosemary $15
Long stem Broccoli, olive oil, lemon $15

Sourdough ferment pizza
Margherita, San Marzano tomato, Byron Bay buffalo mozzarella, basil $27
Zucchino, zucchini, Byron Bay mozzarella, ricotta, mint, lemon $28
Formaggi, Byron Bay mozzarella, provolone, goat cheese, parmesan, black pepper $29
Prosciutto, 24 month aged San Daniele, Byron Bay mozzarella, San Marzano tomato, basil $32
Salami, salami classico, Byron Bay mozzarella, San Marzano tomato, black olives $29
Piccante, mild piccante salami, Byron Bay mozzarella, San Marzano tomato, fermented chilli $29
House made Gluten free Base + $4
Dairy free cheese +$4
Anchovies + $6
Rocket + $3

Tiramisu, Allpress espresso, almond crumb $18
Panna cotta, vanilla, Bellingen backyard honey, lemon, blueberries, vin Santo $16
Valrhona Chocolate & cherry torte, mascarpone, lime $15
Affogato Allpress espresso – vanilla gelato $11
affogato Allpress espresso – vanilla gelato & amaro liqueur $18

Our kitchen contains allergens and as such we cannot guarantee that products are allergen free. Please inform us of any allergies prior to ordering.
Compostable takeaway containers $1 charge. All card transactions will incur a surcharge.